Full Form Of NASA | What Is The Full Form Of Nasa?

Full Form Of NASA | What Is The Full Form Of Nasa? 1

Full Form Of NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

What Is NASA?

NASA is a US federal government agency and is established by the National Advisory Committee For Aeronautics (NACA) in 1958. The aim of NASA is to do aerospace research and civilian and military space program to protect the US from the national threat. NASA has performed most US manned and un-manned mission like Apollo moon mission, Mars mission, space station, and the space shuttle. 
NASA has launched their first initial dream of establishing a Skylab in the space know as a space station to study the aerospace more deeply. But due to budget constraint, NASA had to shake hands with other countries to accomplish the mission.

Top 10 Major Achievement Of NASA

1. X-15 rocket plane (1959–1968)
2. Project Mercury (1958–1963)
3. Project Gemini (1961–1966)
4. Apollo program (1961–1972)
5. Skylab (1965–1979)
6. Apollo–Soyuz Test Project (1972–1975)
7. Space Shuttle program (1972–2011)
8. International Space Station (1993–present)
9. Commercial programs (2006–present)
10. Beyond Low Earth Orbit program or Mars Mission(2010–2017)

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