Full Form Of ISRO | What Is ISRO Full Form?

Full Form Of ISRO

Full Form Of ISRO | What Is ISRO Full Form?

Full form of ISRO is Indian Space Research Centre.

What Is ISRO?

ISRO means Indian Space Research Centre and established by Department Of Space under Government of India in 1969. ISRO is involved in the launching of various satellites for national and international benefits. Satellite helps in the weather forecasting, communication, broadcast channel, keep spying at the border for national security, etc. 
ISRO is also engaged in research on space science. ISRO has accomplished the various mission and ‘Mangalyan‘ is one of the most difficult missions from all.

Mars Mission: Most Important Mission For ISRO

Mangalyan mission started on 5 Nov 2013 and launched their first Mars mission satellite towards mars. On 24 Sep 2014, ISRO scientist able to place successfully Mangalyan in Mars orbit. 
India is the first country who completed the Interplanetary Mars mission in a very first attempt with a very low budget than NASA and other space organization.

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