Full Form Of ATM | What Is The ATM Full Form?

Full Form Of ATM

Full Form Of ATM | What Is The ATM Full Form?

Today you will learn all about ATM i.e. History Of Atm & usage of ATM?

What IS The Full Form Of ATM?

Full form of ATMAutomated Teller Machine

What ATM Means?

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. It is a humanless operative machine. ATM is used for the financial transaction for the bank.
First ATM was introduced by Barclay’s Bank on 27 Jun 1967 in London. This machine can dispense a maximum of  $10. You think that this is a very small amount. But it has good value for that year.

Later ATM was spread all over the world. Today, almost all bank is using ATM for dispensing cash. Some banks are using it for collecting cash also and called recycler machine.

Recycler ATM can do both works i.e. collecting and dispensing cash. Earlier, the bank has to refill the cash every time. But in the recycler machine, no need to refill cash every time. One customer will deposit the cash and another customer will withdraw. So, the recycle will move until the ratio was maintained.

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